Foundation “Tot hier en niet verder!”

Policy plan

Foundation “Tot hier en niet verder!”
Through stem cell transplantation (HSCT) MS can be stopped. Foundation “Tot hier en niet verder!” want to help MS patients with that in any way possible.

Foundation “Tot hier en niet verder!”
Lemmerhengst 22
4617 GL  Bergen op Zoom
The Netherlands

KvK (Chamber of Commerce): 71738983
RSIN: 858830085
IBAN: NL78INGB0008570021

Foundation “Tot hier en niet verder!” will be looking for sponsors in this time and create national attention and attention in media as much as possible. This is the basis to achieve the set goals.

De visie van Stichting “Tot hier en niet verder!” is een MS-patiënten vrije wereld. Wij zijn ervan overtuigd dat dit kan als iedere MS-patiënt in aanmerking kan komen voor een HSCT behandeling.

Vision / Mission

Vision: The vision of the foundation “Tot hier en niet verder!” is a world without MS patients. We are convinced this is possible if every MS patient is granted HSCT treatment.
The ideal picture that HSCT will be fully financially compensated in the Netherlands. That means that it will be recognised as an ‘official’ treatment for every MS patient.

Mission: The mission of the foundation “Tot hier en niet verder!” is getting HSCT treatment to the Netherlands. Because this is not the case at this moment we want to support all MS patients who get their HSCT treatment abroad.

Goals 2020
The goals for the first year are:

  1. create brand awareness
  2. financially support the first MS patients
  3. have the website be the HSCT information platform and enabling blogging for anyone getting an HSCT treatment.
  4. create a platform which can be used for easily accessible crowdfunding initiatives for MS patients
  5. to acquire as many sponsors and donors as possible.

Wealth and rewards
From the moment we started to be an ANBI foundation we are required to keep records. From these records the costs that were paid (per board member) will become clear. Other costs that will show in the records are the money that is spent on the management of the foundation and collecting money and other sponsors.

Again we wish to emphasize that the foundation does not have a profit motive and that the board members are volunteering for the foundation “Tot hier en niet verder!”.

The goal is to put the donations to direct use to support MS patients or research on HSCT. We wish to do this to prevent the foundation having too much wealth.

At the end of the booking year (calendar year) the treasurer will prepare the annual statement and it will be published on the website after consent of the president and the secretary. The first year of publication will be booking year 2018.

When the foundation has reached its goals it can be cancelled. It is then mandatory by articles of association and by law to name the purpose to which the balance will be passed on to. The purpose needs to be of general use and will be determined in consultation with the board.

The organisation of the foundation “Tot hier en niet verder!” consists of:

President: Ronald van Egeraat
Treasurer: AnneMarie van Heezik
Secretary: Pieter Lubbers

Articles of association
The articles of association were officially established by mr. Arie Adriaan Jan Schot, Knook & Schot Notarissen.

Chamber of Commerce (KvK)
The foundation was officially registered at the KvK with the number 71738983, by the name of Stichting “Tot hier en niet verder!” on 30 May 2018.

The financial part of the foundation is with the ING bank, IBAN NL78INGB0008570021.